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Kunming Tongyi Biotechnology Co. Ltd. carries out its business based on the principles of Good Faith, Product Quality, and Innovation as these characteristics are paramount in providing the best customer service experience.




About the Company


_____________________ About the Company_____________________

Kunming Tongyi Biotechnology Co. Ltd. (KMTY) was established in the year 2000 as a Taiwanese-owned enterprise headed by Mr. Chen Chia Hsiung. Currently, the company has over 100 employees with diverse backgrounds and skill sets- allowing the company’s research department, management department and production department to constantly evolve to meet market demands. KMTY is currently engaged in the propagation, growth, and sales of orchid flowers and herbs.
KMTY prides itself in its ability to identify and produce the newest species of Phalaenopsis and Cymbidium orchids on the global marketplace along with the newest practices and growth techniques required to stay at the market fore-front. Much of this ability is due to the company’s membership and deep ties with the Taiwanese orchid society (TOS).
With over 1,200 square meters of lab space equipped with advanced propagation and sterilization equipments, KMTY has the know-how and the tools necessary to provide high quality, virus-free orchid products at the lowest defect rates.  
The company currently has two production bases with a third one being planned in the near future. The main production facility is located in the county of SongMing with a greenhouse area spanning over 50,000 square meters and a total land area of over 66,000 square meters. This production base has an annual yield of over 1 million to 2 million pieces of Phalaenopsis and approximately 150,000 pcs of Cymbidium. These production figures are made possible each year not only due to the company’s years of experience in management and growth techniques, but also because of Kunming’s excellent climate for growing orchids.
KMTY’s second production base is also situated in SongMing County and mainly serves as a production base for a collection of herbs and flowers such as Thyme, Rosemary, Lavender, and Rose. With an area of over 122 acres of space, these different herb species are carefully selected and grown in a natural environment as they are then processed into various consumer goods such as essential oils, tea/aroma bags, etc. With this group of products in its portfolio, KMTY is also able to cater to customers in the tourism industry as well. 
In 2009, KMTY further diversified its business by being directly involved in the planning, construction, and management of a 375-acre Tobacco Gallery Resort. The project was in partnership with one of China’s largest enterprises, Hong Yun Hong He Group. It was in this project that KMTY was able to truly demonstrate the beauty of its herbal and floral products along with its ability in architecture and landscaping design.
KMTY was founded on the principles of providing quality products to consumers at a fair cost and establishing long lasting business relationships with each and every customer. We are continuously seeking new partnerships and opportunities with other companies that share these same values. If you or your company is interested in reaching out to us, please do not hesitate to reach us at our email kmtysw@126.com